"Well worth paying close attention to!"

                                                                                                              - Scott Yanow, noted jazz critic and author


                                                                                           "I was impressed by what I heard".

                                                                                                              - Harry Watters,  LA radio promoter


             "... the very high level of keyboard technique, musicianship and advanced harmony,

               contrasting with a quite harsh electronic rhythm section has been intensified,

             so it must now be heard as West's modus operandi.."

                                                                                                              - Budd Kopman,  jazz critic at All About Jazz






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          "On any instrument and under any name Vlad West has a distinctive and extremely  attractive voice. Hats off to the new Vlad West ! "

                                                                                                      -- Fred Starr, Johns Hopkins University, former president of Oberlin College, Jazz Studies.





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             "You must say hello to VLAD.  He has his own voice and story to tell."

                              - Dan Morgenstern,  Director, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University





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        VLAD WEST, known in Russia as Vladimir Sermakashev, is a LEGEND of Russian Jazz.  Born in Baku,  he studied piano from age 3, composition from age 5.  At that early age he was playing solo piano concerts at Baku Conservatory and was taking composing and arranging lessons with well known professors there.  Mr. West has technique and knowledge of classical and jazz music well beyond ordinary piano player.   As Mr. Starr (president of Oberlin College, Jazz Study) said about V. West in one of his books on jazz "Red and Hot": "In his combination of grittiness and lyricism, blues feeling and sheer drive, he has few equals, in Europe certainly and even in America."    
        Not fully satisfied only with classical music, Vlad West started to learn about jazz at the age 9 and at 16 he was already   very well know jazz musician in Moscow.  Articles about him were printed all over Europe and America: VILLAGE VOICE, JAZZ FORUM, DOWN BEAT: "His rhythmic sense is simply unbelievable, and he is, I would say, swimming in rhythm."  Mr. West and his quartet played extensively throughout the European Jazz festival circuit.  Among many others, he has played with Duke Ellington and Gerry Mulligan, Ted Jones and Mel Lewis.  He has recorded many discs in Europe and a few in America, when he came to live in New York.  On his jazz recording SAY HELLO TO RUSSIA Scott Yanow from JAZZ TIMES said: "West comes up with creative and frequently hard-driving solos on six of his originals and three standards, making one wonder why he is not better know."  And Owen Cordle from DOWN BEAT MAGAZINE gave him three and a half  stars and wrote: "As a composer, he demonstrates an affinity for the classic Coltrane quartet on FAR AWAY and BLACK SNOW."

     VLAD WEST was the inspiration, musician, story and music consultant for the movie MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (Columbia Pictures).  This is his first jazz CD as a piano player.




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